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  Beautiful Napoleon III French gold inlay pique lady's coin purse Beautiful Napoleon III French gold inlay pique lady's coin purse

  Beautiful Napoleon III French gold inlay pique lady's coin purse of very fine quality! Pique case, inlaid with fragments of gold and mother of pearl. The inlay work is in sublime condition!!
The inside is unfortunately completely damaged!!  It was made with panels of faux tortoise shell. The front of this case is a magnificent work of art!
This case has some minor age related signs of wear such as very small fine surface scratches/marks, but except for the inside still very good condition for its age!!
Size: 8 x 5 cm. Made around 1850 -1860


   18th century gild bronze chatelaine, made of richly decorated gilt bronze

  Gorgeous 18th century gild bronze chatelaine, made of richly decorated gilt bronze with a head plate and 3 smaller plates, attached by hinges. A symbol of status and wealth. dating from c.1730 - 1780. The top plate is cast and chased with a scene of a lady with a dog, a bird and a shell at her feet. The second plaque has some masks on it. On the third plaque, a man with a flower in his hand sits with his prey on his lap and bird in his other hand.
On the bottom plaque is a little cherub. And pending are 2 bronze charms: a bunny and a dog. In the middle a key; (probably of a fob watch).
2 exterior chains (left and right) are gone. The hook on the back has been removed and replaced by a pin to use it as a brooch.
The chatelaine is in very good condition!! Chatelaine, western Europe, 18th century. Total length: 18 cm; length without the key: 14 cm


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  A collection of antique wax seals in bronze, silver, silver plated .......


  Exquisite French mourning frame with beautiful palette hair work: a cross with wreath on a tomb, plants, flowers .... with a painted background. memento mori, French mourning frame with palette hair work.   click pictures for the whole MEMENTO MORI collection!

  Collection of Napoleon III or Victorian memento mori's, mourning frames with hair of deceased loved ones under glass..... 19th century.


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 Collection of art deco, flapper era, half dolls, pincushion dolls, ....


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  Antique Victorian silver pocket snuffbox, 19th century .


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  Beautiful art nouveau man's cane, walking stick, solid silver. H 83 cm





memento mori with palette hairwork,  in vulcanite frame memento mori with palette hairwork, ca 1880     






    Santa ornament, vintage glass blown German ornaments, christmas ornaments, glass spun and cotton, chocolate molds, memento mori mourning frames with hairwork










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