Appl 29 

Gorgeous French wrought iron and pate de verre wall sconces from Muller Luneville, signed. Wall lights with pate de verre glass shades. Beautiful colouring of the shades!! Ca 1925.

ONE SHADE HAS BEEN GLUED!! But nearly invisible in the frame! Price is for only 1 sconce. The other is coming with it for free.

There is no electricity installed (yet); they can be put over your lights coming out of the wall.

 Great  pieces!!!


Height 18 - 16 cm / 10,25 - 6,3 inch. (with and without iron curls)

Wide 26 - 18 cm/  10,25 - 7,1 inch (with and without iron curls)

8 cm / 3,2 inch deep;

Muller Frères was one of the most famous glass makers in France early 1900!